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    Design by the People and for the People

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    Find new pleasure in changes, while keeping the unique features unchanged. Based on general utility, a series of products are developed to adapt to a changing world.

    The product line offers plenty of options, including round or square tops, as well as varying sizes and heights.
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    Like the endless green lotus leafs, or the spinning round plates in acrobatic performance, or the lively notes on the stave, is the JOY coffee table.

    The nimble shape allows a range of interesting functions. The base storage box is removable to enable maximum convenience in life.
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    The long, slim legs, like flamingos, support the surface softly, delivering a steady but suspended feel.

    All sides enclose naturally, and artfully combine guard bar and drawer switch functions together.
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    Enzo series are a solution to the simple mix and match style. Plate-shaped surface matches perfectly with crossed flat steel legs, eliminating any visual clumsiness. Compact and versatile, it can serve as coffee table, side table, bedside table, or sofa table.
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    Round, plump drum-like appearance and movable surface provide DRUM additional storage space, while leather-wrap craft adds premium quality. Two sizes of different heights are available for choice.
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    The product features two surface boards arranged in different layers, quite like two waving lotus leaves with fish swimming around as depicted in paintings and poems.

    In addition to the double-layer design, the higher surface board can rotate for convenient use.
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    Like a bright moon surrounded by shining stars, HARMON is able to blend in harmoniously wherever it is placed.

    It can be flexibly used alone or with other pieces.
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    A match of round or irregular marble surface with delicate metal base gives HANNA natural beauty and a lissome shape. Three different sizes are available for choice.
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    A square cutout shape supported by metal framework gives RUBIX a safe and steady look for different spatial needs. An open storage area between the marble or wooden surface and the bottom plate enables convenient access of various things. Curved metal corner panels are covered with microfiber leather, reflecting a plum and caring design.
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    Trimmed edges eliminate the heaviness of the marble surface, while its gentleness and smoothness blend with the rigidity of metal framework, revealing the majestic feature of ELEMENT.
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    Multiple materials combination and dynamic color contrast add instant fun to homelife. Pebble-shaped surface not only reflects a touch of modern design, but also allows the coffee table to extend above any sofa pad for convenient use.
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    As its name suggests, LARK enjoys a delicate and lively shape. The tripod design presents the beauty of Chinese character. Plate-shaped surface ensures maximum security of items on it.
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    Customized for CLOUDS sofa, the coffee table features a natural and beautiful curving side, highlighting a safe design. Slim metal legs enable it to insert directly into sofa chassis to save space and increase flexibility in use.
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    Inspired by traditional Chinese wooden window frames, FRAME combines classical design with modern color arrangements. The surface and line contrast creates unique aesthetics of Constructivism, with an ultimate example of square elements in design.
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    With two different layers, the steel structure can be extended or folded to adapt to different needs and space ratio.

    Another higher edition can stretch easily across a sofa to provide ultimate comfortable experience at home.
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    Inspired by traditional Chinese furniture, TERI enjoys high and low editions, enabling a flexible match with other pieces to adapt to difference room sizes.
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    Solemn outside, while private inside with independent, irregular compartments under the surface. Its simple shape provides various mix and match options.
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